The first Cyber security association in Bocconi

This initiative was launched in 2021 by students passionate in cybersecurity. Because of our transversal structure and diverse backgrounds we are able to provide holistic services in the field of cybersecurity. Some of our members are pursuing a masters and others a bachelors degrees. Our profiles include studies in cyber risk, engineering, artificial intelligence, management, economics, marketing and others.

Our mission

Cyber awareness is one of the most important challenges nowadays. B.Cyber wants to spread security awareness, issue articles regarding cybersecurity, and providing cyber consulting services to SMEs.

Recent Articles


Ransomware is a type of malware that locks down files, data or systems, and threatens to erase or destroy the data – or make private or sensitive data to the public – unless a ransom is paid to the cybercriminals who…

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Dropbox Phishing Attack

NEWS Millions of people around the world use Dropbox to store their files in a secure location on the cloud. On November 1st however, the security of the file hosting software became compromised after hackers successfully pulled off a series…

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Cisco published a guide, made of 5 tips useful to prevent and combat one of the most powerful and dangerous cyber threats: Phishing.  The Cisco objective is to raise awareness and alert both people and companies in order to avoid…

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