What do a video of flying cherubs, a burned $95.000 Banksy artwork and digital kittens have in common? A three-letter acronym: NFT.  NFT stands for non-fungible-tokens and it’s the latest phenomenon that it’s taking over the Internet. Non-fungible means one-of-a-kind, unique, that cannot be replaced. Some people say that NFT can be considered as “digital... Continue Reading →

Enablers of the future of Fintechs: Cloud

Introduction There is a battle in the financial sector that is not related to market supremacy but to the protection of IT assets and customer data. Nowadays, Cyber attacks are unfortunately around the corner and some examples are the Capital One data breach of July 2019 and the 2018 attack on HSBC. Every day millions... Continue Reading →

Proxy 101

What is a proxy? A proxy is an entity that is located in between the client (you) and the server (the website you want to access) and allows you to safely surf the web. It connects on your behalf to a given website. How does it work?  For example, when you want to access a... Continue Reading →

WhatsApp END to END encryption Explained

Are your WhatsApp chats secure?  If you live outside of the U.S., you likely already asked yourself that question. In fact, as of 2020, WhatsApp has reached two billion users worldwide, effectively being the global leading messaging app. Time and time again, WhatsApp claimed that its platform is secure thanks to end-to-end encryption guaranteeing that... Continue Reading →

Why should a company take out a cyber insurance policy?

Companies are increasingly relying on hardware and software components in order to create new business opportunities, to stay competitive in the markets or to be compliant with laws and regulations, and during the information age we are living in, companies are able to collect incredible amounts of data, continuously extracting information, allowing collaboration around the... Continue Reading →

Spoofing Explained

How I Met Your Mother Have you ever watched the episode entitled “The Playbook” (05x08) of How I met your Mother? If you haven’t, you are missing twenty-four minutes of entertainment. And if you have, well, you do have a concrete representation of what spoofing looks like. Spoofing is the action of pretending to be... Continue Reading →

Do you need a VPN?

Do you need a VPN? VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) are mostly used in corporate settings to avoid spending on creating a private protected network, but lately many private consumers have been adopting these tools to secure their connections. The question is: do you really need one? How does a VPN work? When connecting to a... Continue Reading →

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